United Farm Workers


Do you want to drink milk that comes from these cows?!

These pictures are outrageously disgusting and infuriating. Imagine being a Darigold worker and being told to milk a cow you know is in pain. Imagine you're that same worker and are concerned about what milking this cow might do to the people who drink milk from sick and injured cows such as these. Finally, imagine being a worker and being scared for your job if you say or do anything? If you get fired, how do you feed your family? Where are you going to live, as many workers live in employer provided housing?

This is the horrendous situation in which Darigold workers have found themselves. No one likes having to see cows in these conditions. Workers have literally risked their jobs to take these pictures. 

Our close friends at the Humane Society USA said at a recent press conference: "There is a strong connection between treating workers decently and respecting animal welfare, and very often those who are callous or cruel to animals do not limit their cruelty to animals, but show the same disregard for basic human dignities."

They're absolutely right. Workers at Darigold dairies are putting everything on the line to bring these abuses to your attention. We believe that the companies who sell Darigold products have a responsibility to do something to provide both workers and the cows they milk with immediate relief.  Please support them by taking action now.

Darigold's website lists the major retailers who sell their products to. They include national chains such as: Walmart, Cash and Carry, Restaurant Depot, Fred Meyer, Safeway, QFC and Albertsons.

This week, we'll be talking to these chains about these workers concerns and show them the photos the workers risked their jobs to take. 

These chains need to hear from you as well. Do you shop at any of these retailers? If so, please click below  to select which one(s). Add your name to the below petition that will be provided to each chain. We'll keep you posted as to what they say.