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Thank you for marking the 20th anniversary of Cesar Chavez passing by sharing your UFW story.

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Mark the 20th anniversary of Cesar Chavez' passing

I just shared my Cesar Chavez story @ www.ufwstories.com. Can you share yours?

No one can argue that Cesar Chavez had huge impact. His story touched the hearts of a nation. His non-violent movement for farm worker rights inspired millions of people who never worked on a farm to commit themselves to social, economic and civil rights activism. It's been twenty years since Cesar passed, yet he continues to inspire so many.

As we observe the 20th anniversary of Cesar's passing. The United Farm Workers wants the story of the many people who have contributed to Cesar's legacy. To do this they have launched a unique interactive web site, www.ufwstories.com to collect and document the accounts of all the people who participated over five decades with Cesar Chavez and the UFW.

The UFW wants to collect all of the stories ranging from marchers and consumers who boycotted grapes and other products to staff to volunteer pickets, to strikers and full-time organizers.

I shared my story. Can you take a few minutes right now and share yours? You can tell a story of why you got involved with la causa , a unique moment in your involvement or how Cesar's legacy influences you.

During this historic 20th anniversary the UFW is hoping to share these stories with young people and other who might not have had the chance to meet Cesar as well as preserve these stories for future generations

It's really easy to participate. What's really cool is after you post your story you can read the accounts of others like you who participated in this important part of America’s history. The UFW even has a search feature to allow you to look for your friends and their stories and you can share youe story or stories you likeon Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Please got to www.ufwstories.com and share your story today.

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