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Farm workers are standing up to Trump and his cronies…

Donald Trump is President of the United States and farm workers are worried. Bernardino, a worker in the grape, onion and citrus crops for 17 years, says, “Since the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign I have felt fear, anguish and pressure...I’m afraid to even raise my voice and that the laws will not protect all of us." Antonio, who has been working in CA’s table grape industry for 16 years, adds, “Since I learned that Donald Trump won the race, I felt great fear... I am afraid that one day he would want to deport all of us. It would be so difficult for many since they came to this country at a very young age and don’t know any place in Mexico.”

Farm workers need your help now more than ever. As the Washington Post recently reported, many in the labor movement fear that unions and the workers they represent are now facing their gravest threat in decades. Trump vowed to overturn many of President Obama’s accomplishments for working people. Look at the people he’s picked to do that. His cabinet nominations include conservative extremists who have acted against people of color and working families.

The workers are not ready to give up and neither are we. Tania, a grape and citrus worker tells us, “I am here for my family, my children, co-workers and community. The people who feed us should not be forced to live in fear. We are responsible members of the community who contribute to this great country.”   

It will take all of us together to hold the line against threats to farm workers, labor protections, civil rights and the environment. Can you join us by making a gift today?

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