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Help us hold Cesar Chavez marches
to resist the Trump agenda

Cesar Chavez, presente! Farm workers are holding more than ten marches the weekend of Cesar Chavez’ March 31st birthday. These marches are more urgent than ever with the Trump agenda.

Help thousands and thousands of farm workers take to the streets and march. Just paying for expenses like permits, fees, water, bathrooms, flags and banners will cost more than $47,000.

Farm workers will be joined in their march by friends from the environmental, LGBTQ, Muslim, labor and many other communities who also have a lot to lose with the current political climate. It will take all of us banding together to make these marches a success and send a strong message of real American values.

Leticia, a citrus worker, says she’s marching in Madera, CA “First in honor of Cesar Chavez and second to protest against the politics of Mr. Trump ... Field work is very hard, but honest. Us farm workers pick the fruits and vegetables that arrive on the tables of each home. From the richest home to the poorest, you will find farm workers’ products.

Irma, a wine grape worker, will be marching in Santa Rosa, CA. She shares: “We march because we want to tell Trump that he is wrong about farm workers, and other workers. Without us they wouldn’t be able to get the work done. We are not here to remove anyone from their jobs. We are not criminals, we are hard working, proud people. We contribute to the economy.”

Can the workers count on your help in making their Cesar Chavez marches possible?

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