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Rage over Republicans. Disappointment in Democrats. Still we dare to DREAM.

We're appalled at the political manipulation that has been going on around the Dream Act. This critical bill affects the lives of so many young people. We're furious with Republicans who refused to budge on the Dream Act. And we are disappointed with Democrats who backed down and voted for a temporary solution to the budget crisis that leaves undocumented youth still in limbo. With each passing day, 122 Dreamers are losing their status and are subject to deportation. Some are losing their jobs and drivers’ licenses. Will you help?
We haven’t given up. We’re on Capitol Hill and out in the districts. We’re resilient and we will keep fighting until a real solution is reached that will help these young men and women realize their dreams. We expect our representatives to do more than give lip service to these values. Our elected officials need to understand: we won’t quit, we won’t back down, and we will rise -- with or without them. 
We’re fighting for mothers like Maria, who labors 60 hours a week on a vegetable farm in Moorpark, California. She also works a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant. Why? “I wanted a better future for my daughter, Isabela,” Maria says. “I was excited,” Maria says, “my daughter qualified for DACA—Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. With DACA she was able to study in college, work and pay taxes and not worry about being deported.” 
But this all changed with the election of President Trump when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced,the program known as DACA is being rescinded. Trump gave Congress six months to pass legislation to decide the fates of 800,000 Dreamers before they’re at risk of being permanently kicked out of the country. Then when bipartisan leaders thought they’d reached a proposed agreement on a deal, Trump abruptly changed his mind. This is typical. From past performance, we can assume Trump will double-cross anyone and Republicans will try to leave finalizing DACA to the last minute.
It shouldn’t be this way. Polls prove 86% of Americans favor laws to allow legalization for these young people and 90% of Dreamers are now working and contributing to the economy. Many are college students like Isabela. We were able to help Isabela get a two-year DACA renewal. But her future is uncertain.
Can you help us continue this fight for families like Maria and Isabela by making a donation today?  
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