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We’re hot on the tail of Darigold. 

Enough is enough! It's time to stop the abuse of workers and animals at Darigold member dairies. Your donation can help us escalate a multi-state campaign to get this done. 

The management of this $2 billion company prepared a slick Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. This CSR is so far from the reality of what workers report that consumers are even pursuing a class action lawsuit against Darigold for defrauding people into thinking its products are produced in a socially responsible way. Workers have told us that there are injured cows scheduled to be milked and that even when they report this to dairy management, too often their reports are ignored and the poor injured cows continue suffering. At one dairy a couple workers reported they had actually seen cows die while being milked.

“Federico” says he works a 12 hour shift. He and his shift coworker each handle about 850 cows. That’s more than 70 cows an hour! What should be frightening to consumers is that workers have explained because cows are injured, including injuries to their udders and teats, the milk they produce can too often be contaminated with blood and bacteria.

Workers’ blood is shed as well. “Horacio” works for a Darigold dairy. He reports abuse of both workers and animals. “I don’t think it’s fair that they don’t give us breaks. I have worked a lot of places and this is the worst of all the places...” Horacio told us how he was badly cut one day because he was hurrying too much, but when he went to the hospital for stitches after waiting until his shift was over, one of the dairy owners told him it was his own fault. That he had been “dumb.” Darigold could try to have you believe that 1) It upholds the highest standards of animal husbandry and 2) it can’t control the conditions at the dairies in its association anyway. Clearly, neither of these assertions can be true.

Your donation today of any amount will help the workers spread the news this summer and fall through additional press conferences and leafleting on college campuses and other locations, in addition to demonstrations at Darigold headquarters plus other high profile locations. The workers' goal is to motivate the public to put pressure on Darigold to change conditions at the dairies. 

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