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Belong to the Si Se Puede Society!

Please make a monthly donation to continue Cesar Chavez’ dream for farm workers. Your donation will provide us with steady income we can depend on month after month. So we can rush out to assist farm workers quickly and effectively wherever we’re needed.

To show our appreciation to the generous people who serve as UFW monthly donors, we’ve created a society to recognize our companeros en la lucha. We’ll have special gifts we’ll send you to recognize each level of participation. (Click to see benefits for each.)

Make a difference to the people who put food on your table.  Any amount you can set aside each month for farm workers will immediately help improve their lives!

Viva La Causa!

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Don't want to pay by credit card? Prefer to pay by check?
Please print out this page and fill out the form. Then mail in your check to: United Farm Workers, "Si Se Puede Society," P.O. Box 62, Keene, CA, 93531.

Tax Notice: Contributions and gifts to the United Farm Workers are not tax deductible.

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