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Help hundreds of farm workers get on the bus for CA Supreme Court hearing defending their law to get contracts

Growers have a long history of refusing to negotiate contracts with workers who have voted to be represented by the UFW. That’s why workers marched to demand mandatory mediation, to guarantee their right to get the contract they voted for. In 2002, with the help of friends like you, they finally got their law and started getting contracts they had been fighting to get for years.

And then came Gerawan. Workers at Gerawan Farming have been fighting an uphill battle to get a UFW contract, but this mega company has repeatedly used the legal system to create delays. When the mediator  -- which the company itself choose -- finalized the terms of the contract, Gerawan refused to implement it. Instead, they took the law to court. The workers’ contract has been tied up in court ever since. The case has finally reached the Supreme Court of California and will be heard on September 5th -- ironically the day after Labor Day. Workers have made it clear to us that they want to be part of this.

Can you help us take 6 busloads of workers to San Francisco to hear this case?  

Agustin Garcia is one of the workers leading the fight to be able to work under a UFW contract at Gerawan. He tells us, “I want to get on the bus to San Francisco to the California Supreme Court hearing. I want everyone to show up, pack the courthouse so they can see we are strong and we care and we will not give up. We want our contract and the benefits to finally start. We’ve been fighting so long and Gerawan keeps using their money to delay. We need to show them we won’t go away or give up until we start getting the benefits and protections we deserve under the contract we voted for. Can you help me and other farm workers get on the bus?”

Gallo of Sonoma wine worker Amelia Ruiz enjoys the benefits of a union contract and wants everyone else to have that same chance. She and hundreds of other workers plan to take an unpaid day off to attend the court hearing. "I will be going to San Francisco to support my fellow farm workers from Gerawan because they deserve justice, their contract and benefits."

It will cost around $12,232 to rent the 6 buses and feed the workers a simple lunch -- or $40.11 per person. Can you make sure Amelia, Agustin and hundreds of others get seats on a bus to the San Francisco hearing? They want to be seen in court before the judges make a decision that may be the most important one of their working lives. Please make your donation today.

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